Why Studying Abroad Is An Overall Upliftment

Vanshika MahajanJul 19 . 5 min read

Thinking of studying Abroad..?   

Then what you are waiting for, do it. Because you are getting a chance to see the world, being independent, expanding your connection, getting a chance to experience a whole new life, getting more chances to find what you are interested in, improving your skills with good practical knowledge, and giving you an overall upliftment. These are the better enough reasons to study abroad. 

Now, WHY go when you can study in your own country...Let’s SEE

Indian education system

India has always been famous for attaining education since Vedic times. At that time the system of ‘Guru Kula’ was there. Students who want to learn went to the teacher’s (Gurus) house and requested them to teach. If approved by the guru, he allows the student to stay at his place and teach him alongside, the student also helps their gurus in all their household activities.

But with time, education had just become a business. It does have its benefits but there are more disadvantages.

  • The major downside is, it is not affordable.
  • The schooling system mainly focuses on the theory rather than performing the practicals.
  • You are considered intelligent if you are good at mugging up answers.
  • Lesser attention on character building, most of the schools do not provide exercises on discipline and mannerism.
  •  There is not a good bond between teachers and students, so students become scared of their teachers and do not have the confidence to ask doubts.
  • There are lots of subjects that look like just a burden for the students

With all these lacking in the education system, who don’t want to study abroad. But going abroad for studies always remains in doubt. As one is scared whether or not they will get around with the people there or how they will cope up with them. These remain the basic questions. So, the perfect answer to this is ”interaction”; interacting with new people, talking to them not only raises up your confidence but also helps you in building up good nature and may change your view of life.

This process is called ‘Cross-Culture Communication’. This refers to the way how people with different backgrounds adjust to improve communication with one another. When different people meet each other, teamwork can be slightly challenging but this helps you to create a strong team and a healthy relation between all the people. It teaches you how to make decisions in challenging situations. 

The same goes when you decide to move on your own and study abroad

  • Going out on your own makes you responsible.
  • Most of the colleges or schools work on improving your skills rather than your mugging power.
  • When you study abroad you get a new vision of society and get exposure to new cultures.
  • Living on your own will give you much better life lessons of how to manage between your studies and everyday concerns of your living.
  • While you are not in your own country, it will help you be independent.
  • Abroad countries have many more fields and you can choose the area of your interest and can work towards that.

These are some of the common reasons for studying abroad. Going outside your country is really life-experiencing, it’s like a ride on a rollercoaster. You get to learn, you’ll laugh, make new friends, meet new people of different backgrounds, get to know them, and most importantly gain a new perspective on your life. Going out, not being dependent, being more sensitive and mature alters your life in a good way.

Talking about jobs. Of Course with good practical knowledge, problem-solving, time and money management skills, integrative learning will not only look good on your resume but will serve you wherever you go. Many analyses showed that people who study abroad countries show a high rate of learning, can quickly adapt to new environments, higher level of thinking, have social development, and are good at communication. 

So, Going out for studies overall is not a bad idea. Rather it’s a challenging one. It’s a good chance to push off your limits and to try and experience something new, whole by yourself. It will only help you to be a better version of yourself and can change your life for good. 

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