The Negative Effect Of Social Media On Society

Vanshika MahajanAug 13 . 6 min read

Social media platforms have increased in number as each day passes by. There are several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. In today’s world, social media has taken a new turn. Everything we do, from money transactions to studies is being done online. They were introduced so that people could connect to each other, through online mode. But over time, they also have caused a negative impact on people. 

From giving us new ways to explore, talking to different people over the world, sharing experiences, building new relationships, it has become our habit more like an addiction.

Negative effects of social media on society:-

Like everything had some negative effects, so does social media. If overused, sooner or later it becomes an addiction. From studies it has been proved that obsession with social media isn’t a good thing, it affects mental and emotional health. Not only the use of Facebook, Instagram all day, but many people, especially teens, have been victims of cyberbullying. It is also known as online bullying. A simple text or message can be interpreted in the wrong way. 

Adults these days also spend a lot of time on these social platforms. People who are not so well aware of these technologies are most likely to believe whatever is being sent to them. This can cause many fraud attempts like taking money using their bank accounts by giving wrong text or messages etc. 

Not only adults but more negative effects of social media are seen in the teens and youth. Teenagers at that age are in their adolescent development phase. The overuse of social media affects teenagers in many ways.

  • When there is the interference of social media in work or school or home, this is called internet addiction. They spend less time on their work and get easily distracted even by the simple notification from the apps.
  • Youth always compares their life with other people. When someone posts something good happening in their life, others think that those people are enjoying their life and they are not, which can be the reason for depression.
  • Whatever they see or read on these social media platforms, has an impact on them and their behavior too.
  • Teenagers who are a more introverted type, i.e, who don’t like to socialize with others usually adopt social media to remove their loneliness and find someone online to talk to rather than talking to them in person. It affects the self-development of the child. They use social media as their main means of communication.
  • Youth who feel unfulfillment in their lives, usually take up social media platforms to feel the dominance. Behind the electronic devices, they gain confidence because they know that it will not cause any physical harm.

One of the most negative impacts of social media on youth is that when they see edited pictures of others it can lead to body image issues. They can feel insecure about themselves. 

Social Media effects on mental health -:

 Excessive use of social media also leads to health issues. Not only youngsters but many adults too who are addicted to these platforms are affected by it.

  • Too much use of social media can cause sleep deprivation. Using cellphones till late at night, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, not getting enough sleep, and then they perform poorly at work the next day.
  • People sometimes post hateful comments on other's posts or pictures just to relieve their anger, the latter might feel depressed. 
  • People who are more engaged in these platforms might loose their interest in socially interacting with others and can feel lonely, have feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration.

Anxiety, frustration, depression, and feeling of loneliness all come along when we start to overuse social media platforms.

 Not only individuals' lives but also relationships get ruined by these. 

Social Media affects relationships:-

As the use of social media increases, people nowadays post every occasion, a small gathering, or every event of their life on social media. Than spending time with their partners they spend more time with their smartphones which causes serious problems in the relationship. 

  • There are so many pages on social media about love and relations, these can raise your expectations from your partner which can make them uncomfortable.
  • It can also cause a sense of jealousy when someone posts so much about their partner and can feel resentment towards your partner for not doing the same.
  • More use of social media can also make couples feel like they are not enjoying their life when they see other couples posting vacation pictures and all. This also causes tension in a relationship.
  • As social platforms help to make new friends or reconnecting with old ones, communicating with them. This is the time when you start hiding things from your partner. This habit starts causing trouble in your relationship.

These are some of the reasons how excessive use of social media can spoil relations.

Social media is not a bad thing, we just had to manage our time on using social platforms. If used correctly, these platforms are very good for learning new things, making more friends, etc. Not only this you can also find pages on these platforms that will help you to be motivated and find self-confidence. 

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