Spreading Of False Information Through Influencers And It's Impact

Priya MondalJul 18 . 4 min read

How often it is when you wake up in the morning and see thousands of WhatsApp forwards and without a second verifying it you send it to your friend? If you do it, you are the reason for this overloading misinformation.

Social media being the only platform where one can share there not so verified information and the people out there having no choice left have to consume it.

The invention of social media apps where people connect so easily and can express their opinions freely has controlled how a piece of information is conveyed. 

What you see on the internet is merely an opinion rather being the actual information. This happens because we trust in a particular piece just because one of your close friends told you, then trusting in real sources makes it worse.

In this era where information is overloading, and you read some of the first coming posts and believe it having zero capacity to find the truth.

Fake news has a great impact on your mental health that's the reason it's very important for us to only believe and rely on authentic websites. Always check the sources before consuming the information. For example, you have believed in many misconceptions regarding the vaccine of covid 19 so, if you have any doubt yours should research it rather than blindly trusting it. Today's generation is affected by this due to excessive use of the internet. 


so, you need to know about the impact it has on your mental health. 

The more exposure to content, the more is the chance of increasing self-harm. Today, where every hand has a phone it's easy and each of us relies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter we should not forget that where we can easily connect with people it can also increase anxiety, depression, and stress.

Influencers have a major role in this because today's youth look up to them and takes decisions based on their feedback and recommendations. Before purchasing any product, we go through n number of videos on YouTube. Having millions of followers doesn't make you influencers, protecting consumers should be their priority by providing proper feedback about the quality, quantity, and prices but the point is that's they do that? No, there are only handfuls of influencers who do the right job rest just because they have been sponsored by a particular brand they advertise about it misinforming people out there.

People understand that monetization is important, but If they are doing the advertisement they should mention it so that the consumers have a basic idea so that they can be clear and decide carefully.

The creators spread the misinformation, and it is further shared in individual's private accounts this is the chain that has been followed to spread it, but you have a choice to not be getting manipulated by such misinformation.

Ways by which you can stay away from manipulative information-:

The first and foremost thing you need to do is check in the real source and verify it before forwarding.

• when you see an influencer share misinformation, correct them if possible, it okay people might go wrong.

• Look into the engagement of influencers with audience fake social media influencers often post about the brands at the starting and tend to decrease when they have gained followers, on the other side, real ones engage with audiences regularly.

• Never rely fully on influencers, do your research about the product.

• Always check the date when the following information is posted if you have found that particular piece in social media make sure to check because social media is a free platform and anyone can post anything so, always check the URL or web address.

• Don't forget to cross-check the information with other sources. If the same thing is written in the other websites as well, as it is true to some extent.

As we all known spreading of false information is increasing so what you can do is stop before sharing because it seems to be just a piece of the image but it can hamper other people.

Believe in the trusted influencers, look up to the ones who can provide you with true feedbacks. By reading this article you'll at least know how it is fake information is spread and be able to spot the difference between fake and genuine influencers that bring a difference to your life.

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