Social Stereotype And Prejudice

Priya MondalJul 26 . 5 min read

Social Stereotype, a frequently heard term right. We often see it in workplaces, colleges, schools, families, friends and social media.

Talking about social stereotypes, it's a mindset, people have set about every person of a specific group about their appearance, capability, personality and liking.

Another word is that is closely linked to stereotyping is Prejudice is an already made assumption judgment made about a particular person from a specific group.

How it is caused?

It depends on the child's upbringing. The teachings he has been given by his parents. I also happen because of the inequality they have experienced between them. Children's get this from their friends and family because they have been carrying this particular mindset and transferring it to them. People are confined to their community this can also be the reason causing social stereotyping. Another reason for social stereotyping is we believe what is been said to us, we assume before we meet people on a personal level to judge.

Stereotyping forces people to act differently in front of people due to which that specific person is affected which results in loss of self-confidence, negative thoughts about themselves and feel of inferiority complex. There have been several arguments done to solve the issue of stereotyping. To know how poorly it affects read › stere...

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How to deal with social stereotypes

It seems difficult to ignore the stereotype at times but that's the easiest way you can deal with it. But how to stop yourself from being a part of this negativity.

• Look at them as an individual rather than a community. We should not categorize them, instead, we should use our minds to figure out "who they are".

• The powerful weapon that is "Education"

By educating more and more people about stereotypes. This should also be included in basic studies. Together we can stop this.

• one should question the other what caused him to say such a thing.

• Respond immediately if certain things are uncomfortable. Say out loud if you disagree with it.

• Share what you encounter when you have laughed at the same comment and how you have changed by learning more about it.

• Rephrase the comment and hit them back because it is important to make people realise what negativity they have caused to others.

Surrounded by stereotypical behaviour

Have you ever thought daily about how many stereotypes comments you have given The kind of negativity you have conveyed to other people? The stereotypical beliefs about gender and culture have come from the media.

India has been a victim of stereotypes since the early twenties. And this happens repeatedly which at some point becomes a behaviour this can be caused due by frustration and several efforts to cope up with such behaviour before.

Gender stereotype

India has always been looked at as an underdeveloped country. A country already covered with illiteracy which is a major reason for this type of thinking.

The most common types of stereotypes faced by the people of India are gender stereotypes.

From home to workplaces, Due to differences in the way of treatment that exist even today has raised stereotypical expectations.

One of the most popular issues faced in gender stereotypes is women getting paid less than men for the same work that is done.

Men are good at managing the finance part as compared to women they are good at cleaning and cooking

Detailed research -: › gender-stereo...

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Indian stereotypes

By reading the last paragraph you might have guessed what is the situation of Indians in this case. Now, let us look at some common stereotypes.

• Indians are weak in English. Hindi might be the first language that is spoken among Indians but we should not forget that India is the second-largest English speaking population in the world.

• Indian cuisine is all about spices. Each region has its speciality in food and the foreigners highly appreciate it for the taste.

• In India marriages are fixed by parents. it's true to some extent but these marriages are not forced until the right age. There has been a rise in the number of love marriages also.

• India may be an extremely popular and humid country. The truth is Indian weather changes with changes in seasons, people experiencing winter, summer and monsoon.

• Indians are often judged by their names and casts. People assume to follow a particular type of profession because of their name.

• women of India wear saree. saree is worn by the women of India just because of the culture and traditions they follow.

But today women choose what to wear and what they are comfortable in.

• Travelling in India is dangerous. Seriously, travelling can be dangerous in any part of the world. India is such a beautiful country and with proper guidance, you can have unforgettable trips.

Some unknown facts about stereotypes

• stereotype thinking generally come from parents and media.

• stereotype thinking can only be removed by education.

• stereotyping leads to discrimination and ill-treatment of humans.

• These can have a great influence on people's behaviour.

• If a person is being said a stereotypical comment it reduces the self-confidence and thus fails to accomplish the desired result.

By reading this article you have gained much knowledge about social stereotypes So, Let's make the world a better place by keeping good stereotypes and pulling out the negativity. 

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