Importance Of Confidence And Self-Esteem

Geetika AnandJul 4 . 5 min read

Self-confidence is a very common word among the youth but many of us are not aware of what exactly does this term means. Self-confidence is trusting your qualities, judgments, and abilities. Self-confidence itself means confidence in yourself. Self-confidence is very important as it can help you shape your overall personality. What exactly is our personality built of? It is built of the thoughts that we hold about our self. Instead of thinking or doubting your abilities, your time and energy get used to your work making a good impression of you. Also, when you are around people in the office, party, or school you are open and actively express your ideas and thoughts instead of doubting them and thinking whether you should speak it out or not. In corporate offices, self-confidence is the most important as the companies look for people who are confident. If you have self-confidence, your fear can never overrule you which in turn shapes your personality. You can make eye-to-eye contact while talking if you have confidence in yourself. Your performance and happiness get boosted by confidence. As in an interview, there are 3 people with almost the same qualifications. Now, in the end, only one of them is selected only because his level of confidence and personality is apt. for the company. All this makes it clear how important is self-confidence.

Why Is It Easier To Talk To Unknown People Rather Than Known People?

It is normal if you find it easy talking to unknown people as you have a hundred thoughts running in your mind when talking to known people. But it is good that at least you are aware of this thing and are willing to work over it. The reasons why we are not comfortable talking to known people is because:

  • They will judge: We all have a fear of being judged and this fear keeps us away from many important things in our life. We all want to make our impression good on the person we are interacting with. But we all need to understand that other's judgment is not something we can control.

  • Social status: Social status is also one reason for this as unknown people are not aware of our social status but the known people can make an impression of us by the social status we hold in society.

  • Pressure: There is pressure on us when we talk to known people and always think before we speak but with unknown people, we do not have to think.

  • Body odor: Body odor is something that matters a lot when around people and it can be a reason for not being comfortable in talking to people who know us as they judge us.

  • Overall appearance: The overall appearance of a person matters a lot in having confidence. The clothes you wear, the hairstyle you do makes up your appearance.

Effects Of Low Self-Confidence

Low self-confidence is common nowadays as people have a fear of being judged. Some effects of low self-confidence are:

  1. Less motivation: People with low self-confidence have less motivation. You will always think of being judged in work, school, or around friends also. You will face stress and will not get into the energy to work.
  2. Underestimate Your Potential: Having low self-confidence will make underestimate your abilities and qualities. You will always question yourself and your work. This will make your self-esteem low.
  3. Reduced Social Circle: Your social circle builds on the way you interact and because of low self-confidence you will not be confident in putting your views which will affect your friendships and relationship with people.
  4. Not Able To Face Criticism: Another effect of low self-confidence is seen to affect professional life as it becomes difficult for you to accept criticism. Whenever someone criticizes your work, you will not be able to accept it and understand your mistake instead you will question your abilities.
  5. Not Able To Make Decisions: Making decisions requires confidence and people with low confidence find it very difficult to make proper decisions

Some Important Points For Self-Confidence:

  • Body posture, power postures

You all might be thinking about what exactly is Power posture. Power Pose is called "The Wonder Woman" pose. It means that these postures have a lot of power and give you energy. In this pose, you put your hands on your hips and your back straight with your chest out. The low Power Pose makes you feel tired and uninterested. Your body posture speaks much more than your words do. So always ensure that your body posture is maintained well.

  • Controlled breathes:

Breath in from your nose, wait for four to five seconds, and then exhale. Breathing makes your body calm and helps you think afresh. Oxygen reaches your body properly if you breathe like this which boosts your energy.

  • Smells and neat look:

Body odor and appearance matter a lot in having good confidence. If you smell nice and look good, then your confidence goes up and vice versa.

  • Eye contacts:

Maintaining eye contact with the person you are with makes your look confident. But if you look here and there rather than looking directly towards the person makes it appear as if you are not interesting and are nervous.

  • Minding their personal space and gaps:

Minding your personal space and gap is one thing you must keep in mind during communicating. There are different kinds of space that must be maintained in different communication. Like, for intimate space it is 0-2 feet whereas in personal communication it is 2-4 feet.

  • Small word talks:

You must do small word talk which shows you are confident. It helps build good relations. It helps us show what we are in real. Speaking more than required can sometimes cause problems and leave a bad impression.

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