Ragging And How To Deal With It.

Navya SwarupAug 9 . 6 min read

Ragging And How To Deal With It.

The concept of Raging has shifted slowly from a friendly to a suicidal attitude. Early, Ragging is just an early-stage activity in which seniors connect with juniors to cultivate communication. It is a type of introduction between juniors and seniors in schools and colleges and between newly hired employees and managers or senior employees in offices. Here, the term "introduction" refers to a polite handshake or casual conversation between two people or groups of people. However, when the conversation becomes more personal to the point that a person is harmed mentally, physically, or sexually torture, it may be a case of Raging, which can result in physical or mental harm. 

The Origins of the Ragging Concept:

Ragging generally refers to the "initiation ceremony" in higher education institutions across the Indian Subcontinent, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. This culture began a modest type of Raging on newcomers to their community. Several well-known Indian universities, particularly medical schools, have a history of Raging. Ragging relates to senior students abusing, humiliating, or harassing fresh recruits or junior students and due to multiple complaints of serious injury to victims and strict anti-ragging regulations, ragging has been banned now. 

Is Ragging practised in the workplace as well?

Nowadays, Ragging isn't just restricted to academic environments; it also gains favour in the workplace or offices. Bullying is a subset of Ragging, which includes that Ragging and bullying both take place in some workplaces. Most of the time, ragging perpetrators work as part of an organized team with a practical purpose. On the other hand, office bullies work alone or in groups with a small functional purpose. When an amateur arrives at work, the seniors begin ragging them by introducing, messing with them at parties, or threatening or touring them to do their task. And because of this environment, many entrants to the new firm did not stay. Bullying and ragging actions in the workplace are often challenging to detect, but their consequences are evident. If a performer's appearance or attitude suddenly declines, it could signify that they are being bullied. Ragging is just carried out hierarchically; it starts with seniors Ragging or misbehaving with their juniors. When juniors become seniors, they act in the same way as their seniors. Because what individuals see or what happens to them might readily influence them. Generally, juniors or newcomers are frequently too frightened to stand up to this well-organized gang of torturers. And the only way to break the chain is for someone to rise and raise their voice.

How can you get rid of Ragging?

We can easily believe that we are too weak if we are regularly dominated and bullied. As a result, we must first shift our perspective to one in which our self-respect is predominant. And if we can't defend ourselves, we lose all rights to be respected.

  • The first step is to move beyond just declaring bullying to be wrong. Because some bullies are unaware that their activities are considered bullying, specifying what is and is not acceptable aids in a better understanding of bullying behaviours.
  • Second, never dismiss accusations or complaints; instead, investigate them using a clear and transparent process communicated to all employees.
  • Finally, members of an organization can support creating a bully-free environment by reconciling or reporting any incidents.

How destructive is Ragging to a person's mental health?

Physically, ragging can make a person strengthless. When a person can no longer bear the tension, it is changed to acute stress or momentary stress, which causes dullness, anger, difficulty thinking, self-doubt, anxiety, and, in certain situations, a breakdown of both physical and mental capacities. There is also evidence of ragging victims having mental health issues such as phobias, sadness, suicide ideation, and panic attacks. Being a victim and avoiding witnessing violence can lead to a slew of problems.

So, we need to take a stand against Ragging and make it known that Ragging is not a part of the system.

The Reason for Constant Ragging:

Because seniors have introduced fear in others, juniors never express their sentiments or emotions about the Ragging. As a result, higher-ups believe that everything on their campus or in the office is fine. When torture reaches its limit, innocent people are forced to make suicidal attempts or become murderers. And avoiding Raging is never a good option because allowing these things will only torture and turning us into victims who will be unable to escape. When we are bullied, we should not fight back; instead, we should stand up to the bully and report the situation to a higher authority. Not fighting back does not imply that we must endure everything; instead, we must alert the appropriate person as soon as possible. This matter is something we should also discuss with our parents. Being a victim and putting up with everything is never a good idea.

Deadly action must be halted at the outset, and a friendly environment must be created.

What is Aman Anti-Ragging Movement?

The Aman Movement is a civil reformer movement in India dedicated to ending ragging. Prof. Raj Kachroo is the movement's leader. It was named after Aman Satya Kachroo, a 19-year-old medical student who died of ragging in 2009. On the pretext of ragging, he was severely beaten up by four of his seniors. He was admitted to the hospital the next day after complaining of chest trouble, where he eventually succumbed to his injuries. Since then, the Movement has evolved into a research center for bettering the management of India's social sector activities.

And to know more about this movement we can read the article on https://amanmovement.org.

Raging is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. It can be brutal, and in extreme situations, it can even result in death. No one realizes that a single joke or even a pleasant gesture can risk someone's dignity or respect, resulting in uncontrollable consequences.

Seniors should be aware that Ragging is intended to serve as an icebreaker or an introduction, but it may quickly increase into a significant problem, either intentionally or unintentionally. As a result, seniors must assist their juniors or newcomers in all aspects of life and guide and support them.

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