List Of Standing Asanas For Normal Blood Pressure

Priya MondalJul 31 . 5 min read

Yoga is a part of controlling your mind. In the era where people are indulged in enhancing their life materialistic way. Yoga lets you purify your soul. An increase in screen time due to this pandemic has affected people's mental health. And over the last few decades, people have given a priority to yoga and its benefits. yoga is not just merely twisting your arms and bending your waist. It brings you to a state of relaxation and gives you inner peace by bringing calmness in you. There are n numbers of benefits you get if you do yoga from physical fitness to mental fitness.

Read the importance of yoga

Yoga and mental health

Research has shown that yoga helps in better functioning of the brain.

• Reduces depression

As yoga inculcates control in your physical movements. Deep breathing and meditation cures sleep troubles and loss of energy.

• Reduces stress

Few minutes of exercise and daily meditation can keep you away from stress. As it keeps your blood circulation in control and through meditation you can sense a relationship building with your inner self.

• Develops sharper brain

There are yoga asanas that boost your memory power by increasing blood flow in your brain which enhances brain working power and also reduce getting chances of injury.

• Gives you mental clarity

Having clarity on this generation is quite difficult. yoga makes it easier for you.

Once you start doing you will stop impulsively reacting to something and will be able to connect more deeply and you won't have the fear as to what's next.

There are a few important and effective asanas that you should do regularly to become physically and mentally fit. A list of standing asanas has been mentioned below. Have a look at it.

Standing asanas

Few of the best standing asanas such as Tadasana, Vrksasana, Ardha Chandrasana

Which requires strength and stretches your body and muscles. It also helps in burning those extra stubborn fats. It lets you deeply connect with mother earth. These standing asanas have several benefits. Check out a few best-standing asanas.

Maintaining normal blood pressure

Yoga helps in maintaining normal blood pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a serious problem that leads to heart attack and strokes causing death.

Shishuasana, Sarvangasana, Sirsasana are some common asanas that help to cure constipation and betters your nervous system. Sarvangasana increases blood flow in the brain and cuts off physiological problems and stress.

Cures high blood pressure

Yoga can help you in changing your lifestyle and with a better lifestyle and exercise which will reduce stress and overweight and cure high blood pressure. some yoga poses such as the bound yoga pose this stimulates circulation. The bridge pose provides gentle strengthening of your hamstrings, abdominals, and glutes. Legs up the wall pose is a calming inversion pose. As your heart and head touch the ground.

Pranayama for high cholesterol

High cholesterol is mainly having high cholesterol in the blood. If you are having high cholesterol you have a higher chance of getting heart disease. High cholesterol builds up walls in your arteries. Doing yoga three times a week can reduce cholesterol problems. Some pranayama can control high cholesterol like the most famous yoga Kapalbhati pranayama as it initiates breathing to help balance the dispel toxins and increases the metabolic rate to reduce weight. Chakrasana alleviates constipation which improves and cleans the liver.

Ardha Matsyendrasana helps in digestion and stimulates the liver and massages the abdominal organ.

Apart from this yoga has several other benefits -:

• Increase in flexibility

Yoga increases flexibility in the body. yoga ensures that stretching is completed safely, allowing the nervous system to release the muscles into gentle, effective stretches. Reducing the danger of injuring ligaments and tendons, which may occur through more aggressive approaches to flexibility training. 

• Balancing

One of the large things about the strengthening and stretching work of yoga is that it is a balanced practice. Yoga can help address any muscle.

• Lowers blood pressure

Hypertension is a serious medical condition, which is associated with an increased risk for heart attacks and strokes. As well as stress reduction, which may be a contributing factor to high blood pressure, many aspects of yoga practise are thought to enhance directly.

• Helps in focusing

One important element in yoga is to focus on the present. Studies have shown that regular yoga practice improves coordination, response time, and memory. Through yoga, you will be distracted less and focus more.

Unknown facts about yoga

• yoga give flexibility to the mind as well.

• yoga originated from India.

• yoga improves physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

• yoga is both the practice and therefore the goal.

• yoga is said to be the fourth way to reach God through self-realization.

• Hindu God lord shiva is said to be the first teacher of yoga.

• There's another yoga performed by sadhus is naked.

• Burpee is the best full-body yoga.

• savasana is the most difficult yoga pose to be mastered.

• 72℅ of yoga practitioners are women.

• People of age group 30-49 practices yoga the most.

• There are more than 100 yoga poses.

• Professional yoga trainer is becoming a career choice.

Yoga gives you not a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Each person has a different body type with different restrictions so, it's better to consult a doctor before practising any yoga at home daily basis. Now, you knew all the importance and benefits of yoga so, get started and be fit.

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