How To Host The Best Kitty Party In Pandemic

Priya MondalJul 21 . 4 min read

Kitty parties are way too famous in India when we hear the word "kitty party" we often visualize it as a group of ladies gathering to gossip or criticizing the people they don't like but in reality, it's not only about the gossip. The exact definition of a kitty party is where women socially gather and each member of a particular group contributes a sum of money and at the end, with a lucky draw, one woman gets the whole amount.

Well, kitty parties are fun, amazing and exciting. In India, it is very famous where women are always been told to work in the kitchen so, the idea of kitty party was introduced for women so that they can spend some time with their girl gang keeping aside the daily chores.

These kitty parties are often hosted rotation wise by the women's and monthly wise.

As today also in our country women are seen less in managing finance and depends on this kitty parties for money as each member pays a small amount and the whole amount is given to the host. So, each member once gets a chance to host the part and the host is responsible for making the party fun they also provide drinks and food.

Kitty parties are interesting because a lot of fun happens from food to games, gossip, jokes and many more things. Generally, the member hosting the party decides what all things will be included such as food items and games. It can be done at any time lunch, brunch, snack time, dinner or in festivals. Women generally talk about their lives, worry about entertainment topics and fashion. This is the perfect time for the women to show off their most expensive items and luxurious things.

I knew it's been a while you have attended one because of this pandemic but no worries without stepping out you can organize a perfect themed fun kitty party for your ladies and have a mee time.

Host an amazing kitty party keeping in mind the following points

Proper sanitization

First and foremost if you're having a kitty party and not a virtual one the first things you should do take care of is proper sanitation and keep your guests safe.

Have a specific time

You won't like it if one of the members of your girl gang doesn't show up. Make sure to call a keep an update about when everyone is free and then decide if you want it to happen at dinner or mealtime and always plan it so that you have enough time to arrange the things.


Most importantly your guest should feel bored, and you are responsible for their entertainment keep some interesting games, watch a movie or have a chit-chat.

Select a theme

who doesn't want their part to be the best? Everyone right? Have a unique theme for your kitty party such as Retro, Bollywood, Halloween, casual etc.


Don't forget to keep snacks. Some mouth-watering items will make your party best such as tacos, pasta, cheese sandwiches and in drinks you can keep some refreshments such as fruit mint lemonade, spicy mango mocktail, thandai or aam panna.

Some unique games you can include in your kitty party

Popcorn Garland

In this, you need to make a garland of popcorn with the help of a needle and thread. The interesting part of this game is you have to resist eating the popcorn before completing the Garland.

Guess the song

The host will play a song for about 30 sec and the rest need to guess it right the one guessing right win the game.

Saree draping

All you need is a saree and unique saree draping videos which the members need to drape the saree around themselves. The one dropping the saree right and fast wins the games.

• Dumb charades

If you are planning a virtual kitty party then this is the best game to play and know who is the Bollywood lover between you all !!.

Paint your nail

Okay, so this is the most loved game among women's where you have to keep different coloured nail paint and spin the bottle wherever it stops you need to apply that colour. The one who gets the same colour painted in nails the maximum time wins the game.

What you are waiting for? Go have a perfect amazing kitty party with your girl gang if you haven't experienced it yet! You're going to love it.

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