Is It Okay To Cry It Out ? Is Crying Good For Your Mental Health ?

Priya MondalAug 12 . 5 min read

It is said that it's always a better idea to vent out your emotions rather than carrying this emotional baggage with yourself. What we all know is life is tough for each one of us. Everyone out there is struggling with something they don't speak about. There are certain things you can't tell people no matter how close you both are. we need to cry out the silent battles we have been fighting. sometimes life is so cruel to us and you come to the point where you can't handle it because you have been fighting for so long. Sometimes it's tough for us to focus on the brighter side and in those you need to cry out your emotions. It's very important to accept your emotions and know that it's okay to sometimes be confused about it.

Many people look out for validation of their emotions because they are so vulnerable and some people prefer to cry it out.

Is crying good?

Crying is often good because according to science if we see things it releases oxytocin and endorphins which are feel-good chemicals that helps to wipe off your emotional and physical pain.

If you are the one who cries every day over something continuously for six months then that's what we can say is depression and you need to see a doctor.

Some people are there who cry every day without any reason they feel a sense of hopelessness but if it has become a daily habit then it is a bad sign. It's a good choice to cry so because after that you get a sense of relief, which helps in reducing the pain and also enhances your mood.

Scientific benefits of crying are -:

Helps in fighting the bacteria

Tears can clean your eyes because when you cry a fluid named lysozyme releases which helps in fighting bacteria as it has antimicrobial properties .

Improving vision

Basal tears are released while blinking which has the power to prevent mucous membranes from drying helping in better vision and get rid of blurry vision.


When a person isn't able to cry out loud they cry in a noisy way taking short breaths

It's shedding tears when encountered with any emotional pain to express their pain.

This might result in having serious mental health conditions.

Why is crying good for health?

Crying is good for health because we need to let it all out. you will feel good after crying and the reason behind that is our body releases some amount of toxins and hormones which reduces the stress and we feel better. As earlier said it's very good for vision. Just like our body eyes too need water to be hydrated which helps increase in ability to focus and improves our vision.

Our eyes are exposed to minute dust and dirt particles harming our eyes so while crying lysozyme is released which protects our eyes from the dust we can barely see.

With our eyes, crying also cleans our nose as eyes are connected to the nose and the like eyes we can get rid of the bacterias present in the nose. Apart from these read the other health benefits of crying

Crying is healthy?

Tears working as a cleanser for eyes it's also good for your skin as it reduces stress and it has a positive effect on your skin helping you in getting rid of acne, breakouts which are generally caused due to stress.

Salt in tears may assist the skin by drying excess oil and maybe killing acne-causing bacteria on the surface.

Sometimes you are so broken from inside that you are left with no option other than crying. while society has always pointed out crying as a weak character but I think it's the most courageous thing one can do because when you choose to cry it out rather than giving up. Crying has been shown to reduce blood pressure and pulse rate after therapy sessions in which patients cried and vented.

High blood can harm the heart and blood vessels, as well as causes stroke, heart failure. 

Is it normal to cry without any reason?

Crying is normal but crying without any reason is abnormal. If one is crying without any reason that means they are suffering from any mental health conditions. Sudden outburst occurs when you are suffering from neurological conditions or it can be some unexplained traumas you have from which you haven't recovered and can be mentally and physically exhausting to hold onto. Some reasons why it has been happening -:

Depression: Depression is a serious mental issue faced by people these days. A person cries more frequently when in depression because we experience anger issues, irritability and a lack of patience to wait for things to get better.

Anxiety: Anxiety is a state where people have a constant fear or worry about certain things which results in fast heart rates, sweating, overthinking etc which leads to crying without any actual problem you don't feel yourself and escape people.

Burnout: It's a state of severe emotional and physical exhaustion it occurs when you are emotionally drained and don't have the energy to follow your basic routine.

Premenstrual syndrome: If we talk about women crying out naturally it can be PMS where women experience so many symptoms like headache, bloating and mood swings which can lead to irritability and you end up crying.

It's important to figure out the reason for your breakdown. It's okay to cry but be clear about the reason. Don't hesitate to seek help because crying is not a sign of weakness. It's good to cry it out and get rid of the emotional pain you have been holding on to. And if it's too much to handle you better lookout for some professional help because every drop is precious. 

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