Meeting your special one's, after this lockdown? Here's What You Can Do.

Navya SwarupJul 12 . 6 min read

How will you meet your special one's, after this lockdown?

We sometimes forget about the importance of reaching out to our loved ones during life's hustle. We dislike the thought of talking on the phone with people, especially when the conversations drag us and divert our attention away from the tasks we are doing at that time. On the other side, when these loved ones are no longer with us, these simple moments will be the only ones we remember, and we will be regretful that we have not reached out in such a long time since the distance has caused us to put it off, and the time has passed and the notion has also faded.

 The value of the people we love has been shown to us during this covid epidemic, which has taught us how difficult it is to live apart from those we love. Being at home during this period is almost dull and boring and we miss our loved ones' a lot. Every single person is waiting for this pandemic to get over and gets the chance to meet their loved ones because meeting our loved one is always a unique and memorable experience, regardless of whether we meet after a day, a month, or even a year, as this meeting will continue to build our bond with that person. 

There are certain things we can do while meeting our loved one's:

1.Bring their favorite gifts.

Giving gifts is both a form of self-gratification and a kind of affection. It's a great approach to keep relationships strong. If we are in a friendship or a relationship, we should consistently demonstrate our love for others. We don't have to wait for a specific occasion to present a gift; we can give them a mark of our affection anytime we meet. Giving gifts does not have to be expensive every time because each gift expresses our desire to communicate with one another regularly.

Gift-giving should not be regarded as a duty. It has to come from the bottom of our hearts. When we give gifts, we do so cheerfully and without expecting anything in return. Making someone feel unique is a powerful motivator to offer more. It conveys to the recipient that we were thinking of them. And when we meet up after the lockdown, the gift will be a reminder of how much we missed that person. While it is satisfying to be the one who receives, there is a sense of self-gratification when we are the one who gives. This isn't something that can be quantified in dollars. When we open a present, the joy we receive is temporary, but sharing delivers a more self-fulfilling pleasure that lasts a long time.

It's been said that actions speak louder than words, and there's no better way to show someone how much we care than by giving them a present. With a piece of a gift, we can make someone happy. 

2.Dressing up

Being well-dressed is a sign of decency because it is linked to our brain's Limbic system; our Sensory system is one of the most vital activities our body conducts. This is the system that controls our feelings, thoughts, habits, and actions and stores all of our memories.

While meeting someone, we should always dress appropriately because it gives the impression that we have waited a long time for them or have gone to great lengths to make them feel special. If we do not dress appropriately, the person will assume we are uninterested in them. And attire can alter our perceptions of someone or something.

3.Always smell good.

Our sense of smell reminds us of things we've seen or smelled before. That is why we wish to have a pleasant odor. Because anytime we see someone, it will remind them of the good times they had with us and give them a comfortable sensation. It also spreads a friendly attitude to everyone we meet. Smelling good improves our appearance, raises our self-esteem, and makes us feel more attractive. And meeting someone who has a pleasant odor makes you feel much better.

Beautiful scents can brighten our spirits when we are down. They can uplift our spirits, boost our moods, and assist us in feeling better. When we are in danger, these smells can make us feel safe. As a result, make sure we always smell good and spread happy emotions wherever we meet our loved ones.

4.Always pick a quiet location or a person's favorite spot.

When we meet someone we haven't seen in a long time, the environment must be quiet so that there isn't too much noise. Because, after a long meeting, there are many things to say to each other or to share our feelings or what we've been through in the previous months. If the environment is too noisy or loud, we can't talk it out or express ourselves, and we become easily distracted from the conversation.

We can also choose a person's favorite location; this makes them feel more special because we remember the person's favorite place even after a long time of the meeting. 

All of these seemingly minor factors have a significant impact on a person and our relationship with that person and give a hint to that person whether we put up the genuine effort or ignore them. And we should always make a promise to meet up again after we've met. Because seeing that individual, again and again, makes our relationship with them more beautiful. 

Nothing will guarantee a tomorrow, therefore, spend more time with those who contributed to setting our roots and value, rather than those who we may meet when they want or need our assistance. We won't regret putting aside routine activities to spend a few minutes near a loved one, and making an effort that will always benefit everyone involved and we will share these bonds with our family, friends, or any other person forever and always. And, no matter how busy we are, we should always find time to see our loved ones; this not only makes them feel special, but it also makes us feel lighter and more important.

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