How To Find A Part Time Job For Students

Priya MondalAug 29 . 6 min read

Being dependent on your parents might not look good sometimes. When you will pay your education loan by yourself or bear your expenses all by yourself you will get a sense of self-satisfaction and encourage and motivate you to do something bigger in life. A part-time job for students can be a good way to take responsibility for oneself. The university goers can earn while studying get rid of the financial burden. Because with the rise in the cost of everything one struggles to make ends meet.

Benefits of doing a Part-time job

•Freedom - Yes, financial freedom is the most required freedom in an individual's life. The financial burden can hamper all other parts of your life so, the most relevant point of why you should go for a part-time job is to have financial freedom.

• Less stressful - If you are working part-time it is already known that you are here for a limited time so it is less burdensome and more motivating in the sense that your boss won't be expecting extra hours of work from you.

• Enhance skills - With financial freedom, you get an opportunity to enhance your skills. If you are passionate about something and can't make a career out of it. You can work part-time as a student

and do something for yourself and this way you will feel low less.

• Network - The more you explore the field the more connection you make. This way you can develop your professional network and later these connections will help you in finding opportunities for you.

• Improve your cv - Part-time job will allow you to improve your cv.

Part-time job for students online

Covid 19 has bought a lot of financial stress for the student. There were also students working part-time jobs who had to quit or leave due to this virus and they must be wanting to continue it further online. Though there is no worry there are still a lot of opportunities waiting for you in online mode and by working in a part-time job as a student you can make the most out of this situation and earn some extra money as well.

Some part-time jobs for students online are-:

• Freelance writing - This is a very popular term used. There are many freelances job in every field. You just have to recognize where your interest lies. Many companies ask for your work to check how much you knew so, make sure to showcase all your talents. You can log into websites like ProBlogger, HubPages and content they hire freelance writers writer.

• online Teaching - If you are pro at any specific subject and have to ability to make things understandable for others them you can work as an online teacher at platforms like Vedantu, Chegg and Yup. It's a great way to make money as well as have a revision of your studies.

• Online surveys- Conducting online surveys and earning money out of them is the easiest way of earning for students. It doesn't require much hard work and pays quite well. Certain companies require specific data to be known, consumer preference and they need to conduct online surveys for that so, they hire people for that and pays them.

Platforms like junkie, Swagbucks, My points are websites you can look into.

• Social media marketing - It is one of the most known and fastest-growing fields. Every brand needs to have a social media presence to grab more consumers. To work in social media marketing as a part-time job you need to have basic knowledge about marketing and know-how social media platforms can bring more customers. Upwork and Fiverr can help you to get there.

• Powerpoint presentation designer - This is the most unheard type of part-time job but it can pay you well. Almost everyone knows how to use PowerPoint and make presentations out of it but the sad part is it is very tough and it requires high usage of creating. If you can make unique 2-3 presentations per week then go for it. You can check on websites like Fiverr to start with this.

Part-time jobs for students at home

As a student, it's tough to bear your expenses and utilize your free time in making money. It's always said that a degree is mandatory for earning but days have changed and part-time jobs for students are in limelight.

Some part-time jobs for students at home are they can work as a Writer as writing can be the easiest way of earning money if you are passionate about it. You can start writing a book of your choice and get it published.

You can also click photos in your leisure time and sell your art. This way you can not only make money but you can also explore.

You can also start a side business with a little investment.

As the world is shifting online so, it's hard to find offline part-time jobs as a college student but with hard work, you can make few bucks to reduce your financial burden.

There are also companies like Amazon which provides opportunities to work with them in both online and offline mode.

If you are a university student you can work as a part-time student on amazon.

Amazon is offering on the job training to escalate your growth offering programs which include upskilling, A2Tech career choice. We all know that Amazon is one of the topmost companies and having an experience certificate from such a company will surely enhance your CV.

Part-time job for housewife

For homemaker who wants to be financially independent. Some jobs don't take up your whole day so you can easily work from home save something for yourself.

Part-time jobs for housewives are freelance transcription, starting a business, customer service roles, blogging, youtube channels and even work as an online seller.

Websites you can find such jobs are Freelance, Upwork, Fiverr and meesho.

There are still so many fields you can work part-time. Do check out

Continuing your college and working part-time as a student not only give you financial freedom but also experience. It's the best way to get rid of your loans and develop skills like multi-tasking and time management. 

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