How To Deal With People's Fakeness And Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Honesty

Priya MondalJul 7 . 4 min read

We have about five to seven people around us that pretend to be something else and we kind of know it. It's not wrong to say that we all have pretended to be something we were not but that doesn't make us fake. We have fear of being unfolded in front of someone which indirectly speaks to our weakness, that how fragile people are. Some people pretend like this because we as a human being has failed in understanding them that is we don't accept their flaws which force them to be like this.

In today's generation, human's desire is to be understood and try to understand them with their perspective. Taking time to truly understand and actually knowing them from the core is the only principle by which you can make unbreakable bonds and cherish them. 

Why people have a fake character

1. Keeping themselves above everyone.

Fake people tend to perceive themselves in higher positions and dominate the other person because they are not sure

about themselves.

2. Only has a mouth

They tend to talk more and listen less. You have often found yourself in a lonely situation where you don't have any friends to support you, but you were there for them. They are in vanish mode when you so need them.

3. Always has to be on the list of good people

These people pretend almost everything so that they be on the list of most-liked people. They will act as if they care for you, but they genuinely don't. This happens because they have a constant fear of being missed out.

4. They are boaster

Fake people are very talkative means they try to tell you

everything that's going in their life, but with more exaggeration and you must have noticed that they are never happy with your success

It's because of their low esteem and jealousy that doesn't let them be.

They are never satisfied, they are always in need of other people's validation.

5. Playing the victim role.

They can easily make you repent for their mistake. Yes, you read it right they won't step back from playing the victim's role and blame you for their mistake.

Fake people are somehow who pretends and tries to be something he is not. When they are sweet in front of you but speaks ill about you when you are not around. They are also great gossipers and pleases people to maintain a good bond. They will constantly judge you for being yourself and will find a way to demotivate you in everything because they are insecure with themselves. 

Dealing with fake people

• If any behaviour of theirs is irritating, speak up.

• Set your boundaries and don't let them cross that line. If you can't cut them off totally, you have to have limited interaction with them in order to save yourself.

• It's totally okay to ignore fake people because they are not worthy of your valuable time and mental peace.

• They will always keep blabbering, just don't take any of it to your heart.

• Don't ever trust them with your secrets because they will always break the promises made to you.

People often mistake honesty with being truthful, it's more than that. Being honest means you have to show the real you because when you are in any kind of relationship, and you want to sustain it, then you have to build a connection on that level and that will eventually help you get through tough times.

Relationship fades because the partners hide things and after sometimes it unfolds which leads to separation.

With time the relationships fade, at the initial stage, it's fun and passionate but after a while, you

feel the gaps. These days people try to change their partners, try to have control over each other, and unequal amount of effort.

It's hurting and disturbing to spot fake people in your life, but you have to believe in intuition and walk off if you have one of them around you. They are toxic people, so don't let them cross the boundaries. Turning your fake friends into real ones is a lot of work and not worth it. They will be so good with you that you will at some point get manipulated by them. So, you should better cut off such people rather than turning them into something they are not, as in this process your mental peace will be hampered. As it is said, "A small gang of honest friends is always better than having a wide circle of fake friends ".

Every relationship needs time, energy, and commitments. The way to a healthy relationship is following three c's that is communication, compromise, and commitment. 

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