How To Deal With Body Shaming

Vanshika MahajanJul 25 . 6 min read

Every body is different, unique, and beautiful in its own way. No one had the right to question the body type. But we live in a world where people are judged on their body type and looks more than their personality and nature. Body shaming is one of these unnecessary things. This is a kind of bullying, where people humiliate others by making critical comments about the way they look. Body shaming can happen at any place, not only talk about strangers, but family members can also make you feel uncomfortable, friends can hurt your feelings, maybe at work colleagues may talk about how you look. It can start from an early age or when you grow up. 

We never realize that, by this kind of behavior, we make the beauty grade. People feel ashamed of how they look and are never satisfied with their looks. They always think about what others will think and say about them. Not only this, it is considered odd when someone feels good about the way they look. This results in low self-esteem can be the cause of depression and eating disorders.

To our surprise, there are types of body shaming that many of us go through.

  • Fat shaming: This type of body shaming is in norm these days. Every second person gets to hear that he/she should go on a diet and lose some weight. Even celebrities are sometimes trolled for this. No one cares if you have some health issues that might be causing weight gain. 
  • Skinny shaming: There are some people who do not gain weight whatever they eat. They either have great metabolism or have eating disorders. Sometimes, they get to hear comments like ‘ you are all bones’, ‘you have the body of a 12-year old’.
  • Pretty shaming: YES, this is also a type of body shaming. Can anyone imagine, being too pretty is also not acceptable by society. You get to hear statements like ‘She/He knows only fashion’, ‘they use lots of beauty products’,’ she/he might have got plastic surgery, etc.
  • Body-hair shaming: This is a common type of body shaming that mostly everyone goes through at least once in their lifetime. Teenage girls generally experience this. They are told that ‘they have facial hairs(which is common)’, ‘they have fast growth of body hairs’, ‘get waxed’ etc. People never think that this can be hereditary too. They only know to talk without thinking about how others may feel about this. 

This needs to be stopped immediately. We have no right to tell others what they should look like. We need to understand that body-shaming others is not some kind of motivation for them, rather it's more like a deprivation for them. Instead, we need to make them comfortable and accept the way they are and not make them feel about themselves.

But as said, there's a solution to every problem. And for this unacceptable problem, there’s a solution too. Let's talk about that.

Ways to deal:

Many people get to hear that “You should eat less or should do exercise”, “Why are you so skinny”, “Get in shape or you will not have any friends”, "She/He is not even perfect to be on TV”. These all are hurting statements and one way to avoid the statements is to ignore them. But for how long a person can ignore people. So, if you are scared of these things, the only way is to face your fear because that will make you strong. 

  • If you feel ashamed of your body, you always find ways to hide yourself. You try to put on extra clothing, you don't like talking to anyone, sitting at last in the full room, etc. Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone and see how you feel. 
  • Surrounding yourself with positive messages is one of the small step to avoid all the negativity others give you. Use social media to inundate yourself with body acceptance messages. This will help you love yourself however you are.
  • Stand for yourself. Believe that you have been wronged. Believing yourself is one of the most important step to avoid the negativity that surrounds you. Our brains absorb information that fits our current beliefs, and often we can’t acknowledge data that might prove us wrong. So, when you start believing that you are good the way you are, it will no longer matter what others say.
  • Get to know yourself. Sometimes, we don’t know what we are doing to ourselves when we put ourselves down. Putting yourself down for the sake of what people will say doesn’t serve you. They are just being ‘dog in the manger'.
  • Try to talk with someone about how you feel. This really helps a lot. Keeping your feelings hidden and not opening about them can be more harmful than you think.

It is important to not shame people but to especially not shame someone for something they have little control over.

Things like “Don't let it get to you” are easy to say, but in reality, it is way more harder to put up with it than anybody can think. People who make others feel ashamed of their bodies are themselves shameless(so stay aware of them). Arguing with them is just like ‘bringing owls to Athens’. So, save your breath. 

Loving oneself is the hardest thing to do. But, it’s not impossible. Take care of yourself, be you, go out, wear whatever you want, dress up for yourself, not for others, make new friends. These things help you open up, boost your self-confidence and you start to love yourself and are not any more affected by what others talk about you. You automatically start feeling pity for them because they usually ‘blow their own trumpet’ and you feel happy for yourself. Just remember that To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” 

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