How To Ace Your Job Interview

Geetika AnandJun 23 . 4 min read

We all feel nervous as we think of an interview. Tons of questions come to our minds with this only word. There are so many preparations we need to do for an interview. Our attitude, performance, interview presentation, and many other things play a great role in making an interview perfect. An interview is one way by which you can show all your experience and learnings and prove that you are fit for the job.

To prove to the hiring team that you are perfect for this job, you need to do proper research about the company, the job role you are applying for and plan everything accordingly.

Why Is Body Posture and Other Gestures Important In An Interview?

Body posture plays a very important role in the interview process. As you enter the room, all eyes are upon you to analyze every aspect of yours from dressing sense to body language to how you speak and everything. Your body language speaks a lot while you are in front of the hiring team. You need to ensure that you maintain eye contact with them which will show that you are confident and shows you are attentive in the interview. Another point to keep in mind is that you sit straight. Sitting backward will show that you are not serious about the interview which can be a negative point against you. You also need to keep in mind that while answering you can make use of your hands or can rest them on your lap but do not clench your fists as this would show that you are nervous.

Your body language and gestures are one thing that the hiring team keeps their eyes on because they speak louder than your words.

Basic Point To Keep In Mind During An Interview

We many a time forget about the key points for a successful interview. Every one of us feels nervous for an interview but an important part is to not let that nervousness overpower the real you. You need to be very true and clear during an interview. Below are some pointers essential for acing an interview:

  • Correct Body Posture

A correct body posture is very important for an interview. A good body posture shows that you are confident enough. When you enter the room walk confidently.

Also ensuring that you have a smile on your face is very essential. Never show the interviewer that you are nervous, instead keep your back straight, use your hands while you talk, or keep them on your lap.

  • Greeting Nicely

Greeting the hiring team nicely and with a smile on your face is a positive sign during an interview. You can say good morning to your interviewers. Also, make eye contact with the interviewer. Remember to say Thank you at the end of the interview.

  • Pre Research Of The Job Role You Are Applying

Research about the company, the job role, Its mission, achievements, the work environment, and other such information that you must be aware of. Researching about the company will benefit you in putting the right words for the questions asked in the interview. And if you are well aware of the organization, then it would create a good impact on the hiring team.

  • Preparation Of Interview Questions like Strength, Weakness, Why Should We Hire You

There are a few standard questions that an interviewer surely asks like strengths and weakness, or why should we hire you. You should be well prepared with these answers and do practice them in front of a mirror. The answers to these questions should be real, do not frame up these answers. The answers to the questions must be according to the organization and the job role you are applying for.

  • Proper Dress Code

A proper dress code is a must during an interview. You can refer to the company's website to see the dress code they follow. In most companies, pants a shirt is the dress code and for females, it can be an option between pants and a pencil skirt.

To know more about dress code during an interview:

  • How To End The Interview By Asking Questions To Interviewer

You can ask questions from the interviewer regarding their viewpoints on a question asked related to your views or you can also ask them questions about the organization like what is the work culture here? or What are the qualities you are looking for in an employee...

There are various questions you can ask from the hiring team and this will leave a good impact that you are showing an interest in the job and the organization.

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