Cyberbullying Punishments In India

Priya MondalAug 7 . 6 min read

With the rise in usage of social media, there is a rise in cyberbullying. The easy accessibility to gadgets and technology has made it much easier for people to humiliate and threaten other people.

What is cyberbullying or cybercrime ?

Cyberbullying is a way through which people harasses, threatens and harms other individuals. cyberbullying is also known as online harassment or cybercrime as it is mostly done via electronic gadgets where these people send or post awful, mean aggressive texts and personal videos or information through social media apps.

Anything that has been posted on social media without your consent and which hurts or embarrasses you is cyberbullying and it's a severe crime and the bullies will face a lot of trouble and can be punished.

Effects of cyberbullying in mental health

Cyberbullying causes great damage to an individual's self-esteem which can further lead to depression, stress, anxious. These can range from teasing with funny names to spreading fake rumours or personal information. Even today there are no strict actions taken against this and neither the children are made aware of it. People often isolate themselves when facing such things. Sometimes incapable of tolerating stuff like this they start using alcohol or drugs or talk about suicide.

Cyberbullying embarrassments are more long-lasting as they are mainly done on social media and they take time to disappear.

Which age group is most affected?

In today's generation youth are connected more with the internet. Internet is the most valuable thing as it gives you information but let's not ignore the darker side if there is so much negativity as well. According to the reports of the Pew Research Centre one- third of teens online have gone through serious cyberbullying.

There is a higher risk in females experience more cyberbullying than males.

Females ageing between 15-17 years old can experience most cyberbullying.

The majority of the group that is experienced cyberbullying is the young age children because -:

• Awareness- Being at a growing age these children are not much aware of cyberbullying. They could unable to differ between cyberbullying and fun.

• Less interaction - This is the age where children are more into friends, hangout and the internet than sitting and talk with their elders about the things that are bothering them.

• Ignore - the Internet can be a wonderful place to meet new people but it is important to ignore messages of people they don't know.

• Indulge in the real world - surfing the internet 24×7 is not a good thing. This way there are higher chances you will get bullied by someone so it is important to have something to do in the offline world too.

How to know you are being cyberbullied-:

You are surrounded by social media and gadgets. It's a common issue people are facing these days. so, it's important to know and find out that you are simply being bullied or it's just fun and protect yourself from this.

• If you are receiving offensive, hurtful and abusive messages, videos or photos from known or unknown persons.

• If you are being tagged in unwanted and inappropriate posts.

• If your personal information is being shared publically.

• If someone comments bad about you or trolls you.

• Receiving threats from other people.

• unwanted messages being sent to you repeatedly.

If you face or any of your friends faces such things on the internet it is cyberbullying. So, it's time to require a represent yourself and stops being bullied.

How to deal with it?

It's almost impossible to escape this because you are always engrossed in social media and unlike in-person, these bullies do it with their fake accounts and you can't even recognise them.

Cyberbullying prevention-:

It's almost impossible to escape or prevent cyberbullying because you are always engrossed in social media and unlike in-person, these bullies do it with their fake accounts and you can't even recognise them.

But you can prevent it to some extent-:

No response - If someone posts or sends an abusive message don't respond to such messages ever it will make this worse.

• Never Doubt yourself - It's obvious to feel that you have something bad in yourself but never let those thoughts come into your mind. Don't take things personally.

• stop rereading - why do something which is making your situation worse. Avoid rereading such comments and messages.

• Take social media breaks - It's important to take a break from online life as it only drains your energy. Try out new things specialize in yourself.

How we will protect ourselves from cyberbullying?

Certain things we will do from our end to stop cyberbullying and keep ourselves in a safe zone.

• It is vital to understand that we should always have a way of what we do as in sometimes unknowingly we may do something which may hurt other people because things which we are saying can have a long-lasting effect on someone's mind.

• stay connected to your parents Share such a bond that you simply simply can speak up to them when something is bothering you. parents should also keep reminding their kids that they care about their child and may discuss things.

• As a responsible citizen one shouldn't misuse technology. They ought to take hold of whatever they're saying or doing on such a platform.

• Prevent sharing things online that you simply don't need the planet to known. one must understand that certain things are private and will not be shared at any cost. Remember, anything shared online is often shared publically.

• setting boundaries is extremely crucial. Speak up when something is making you uncomfortable. Protect yourself from people that tend to or try to do hurtful things like this. start saying no to things you don't appreciate.

Cyberbullying Punishments, facts and laws you should known

Cyberbullying carries a severe penalty, as stated in Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code, which specifies that anyone who engages in cyberbullying faces a two-year prison sentence. Tap on the link to known about the cyberbullying punishments in details:

Texas cyberbullying law

Although there are no specific groups of people identified under Texas statutes on cyberbullying and cyberharassment, they are vast.

Many of these laws are only applicable to students and can result in serious consequences.

Cyberbullying is defined as a student making a written or spoken statement, or electronic communication that causes physical injury to a student or the student's property or produces a reasonable fear of harm as defined by Texas Education Code. The school or school district must notify both the parents of an accused victim and the parents of an alleged bully.

Texas cyberbullying law introduced a David 's law which states Under David's Law, a school can easily report harassing of any sort to the police without stressing over the kickback they may get. This is on the grounds that David's Law offers solid security from common and criminal responsibility. David's Law likewise makes it simpler to get an order against a victim parents and the harasser's folks. The victim parent is then answerable for protecting the victims future later on.

Cyberbullying facts

•According to a Microsoft survey performed in 25 countries in 2012, India ranked third in the list of online bullying instances.

•70% of cyberbullying and anti-bullying initiatives turn up on Facebook.

•Mobile phones square measure utilized by concerning eightieth of children, creating them a customary and hot medium for anti-bullying.

•Victims of cyberbullying or anti-bullying are 2 to 9 times more susceptible to committing suicide.

Cyberbullying may be a serious issue and like all sorts of bullying, it can have long term effects on its victims. Parents, teachers and youngsters must work together to stop cyberbullying and to form the web a safer place for all of us.

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