Mental Health

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What Is Mental Illness? Is Mental Health Gentics?

Definition of Mental Illness

A very common term heard nowadays, especially during this lockdown. It is an Illness but ...

Aug 31 . 5 min read
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The Negative Effect Of Social Media On Society

Social media platforms have increased in number as each day passes by. There are several ...

Aug 13 . 6 min read
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Ragging And How To Deal With It.

Ragging And How To Deal With It.

The concept of ...

Aug 9 . 6 min read
Priyainmental health
Cyberbullying Punishments In India

With the rise in usage of social media, there is a rise in cyberbullying. The easy accessibility to gadgets and technology has made it much easier for people ...

Aug 7 . 6 min read
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Learning Disabilities In Children

Children with learning disabilities doesn’t mean they are not intelligent or are lazy or ...

Jul 30 . 7 min read
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Going Through The Traumatic Childhood

Many children experience traumatic events throughout their lifetimes. They can have ...

Jul 21 . 6 min read
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How to seek help for mental health?

According to the WHO, Mental health is "more than just the absence of mental disorders or disabilities." It not ...

Jul 16 . 8 min read