Find The Job You Love Or Settle For An Ordinary Job?

Vanshika MahajanAug 17 . 7 min read

Career Or Passion

If you are given a choice between doing a job that you love or settle for an ordinary job, what will you choose? The answer is 50% people will follow their passion and 50% will settle for an ordinary job.

People say that if you have a goal in life it will help you stay focused. It is true though. Having one thing in life to achieve, helps you center all your focus in one direction. But, life does not always go as planned. Sometimes situations and responsibilities come in our way. Passion is something that keeps burning and tells us to do something of our own interest. But a career is something on which your livelihood depends. We had seen many people who were passionate about something but end up doing desk jobs to pay their bills.

A choice between following your passion or making your career is indeed a difficult one and yes compromising too. 

But what if you are given many options. Like, finding a job that you love, That sounds exciting :-)

If you get a job that you love, you will give your best and enjoy doing that work. So, how to find a job that you love. Nowadays, there are a lot more opportunities to explore than one can think of. We should think carefully if we want to pursue our passion as a career.

  • Take into consideration what you are curious about
  • At one point take money out of your equation
  • Talk about it with your friends or your mentor
  • Think about all the challenges you are going to face, all the risks if you are ready to take them or not
  • Get the right training
  • Explore the organizations you can apply to.
  • Start preparing for your interviews

These are some starting steps to work towards the job that you love. At times, we also hear our families or friends say don’t follow your passion, saying that you cannot do that. This can sometimes shake your confidence, but if you are sure enough then it will not stop you from moving forward towards your passion. Being determined will get you the job that you love.

Making a good Career Choice

But this can also happen vice versa, i.e, if you choose some job as your career it can also become your passion. You can start loving your regular job over time.

Having a good career choice is also an option if you are undecided or confused. Now, you would be assuming how to make a good career choice. So, there are a lot of ways to know your interests and skills and what type of job you need.

  • The first and foremost step is to assess yourself- There are a lot of self-assessment tools to know about yourself.
  • Now you know about yourself, list down the opportunities and explore them.
  • Shortlist the ones which you find will be good for you and do in-depth research on them.
  • Finally, when you are done with all your research, make your career choice, Choose the occupation that brings you satisfaction.
  • Now, make your long and short-term goals and put together your career action plan.

Basically, these are the steps for knowing about yourself, your interests, hobbies, and skills. These also help you find the job that you love.

With time, some people find their career paths along with their job or when they are studying. People find their interests in their respective fields. Like, people who are working in Human Resources might find a suitable position as HR Manager, HR assistant, Director of HR, etc. The same goes for all fields whether it is marketing or someone working in a restaurant. These are some of the good Career jobs that one can choose.

If your passion is something that you know will take many years to be successful, doing a suitable job alongside is not a bad idea.

There are good Career jobs that one can take into consideration.

  • If you have an engineering background and like programming then software developers can be a choice for you.
  • If you are from the teaching line, then being a postsecondary teacher is an option.
  • If one is having Management knowledge then they can look into posts like a financial manager or management analyst.

These can be some of the good career paths for people who want to follow their passion.

Today, more teens want to follow their passion. Some of them also argue with their parents to follow their passion. But not everyone can do so. 

It is said that follow your passion, work hard and success will follow, but that is not easy in real life. Following passion is full of sacrifices, and risks. But if you can wait and have the patience to fulfill your dream, but also want to find a good job alongside, then also there are many jobs for teens with good pay:

High Paying Jobs for teens

There are a number of jobs online that pay you well. Some of them are:

  • Mistplay- In this, anyone from age 13 is paid for playing video games.
  • Swagbucks- Kids can use Swagbucks in surfing through the internet, taking daily polls, watching videos, etc. They have to earn points and at the end, they are paid according to the points.
  • Blogging- It is the most common thing to start alongside your studies. There are around 440 million bloggers around the world.
  • Fashion Designer- If you have an interest in fashion, this can be an option for you. The INR of a fashion designer is up to 3.5 LPA. But with skills, it can go up to INR 10 LPA.
  • Photography - You can upload your pictures on Shutterstock and get paid according to how many times your picture gets downloaded.
  • Graphic Designing - Graphic designing or photo editing is also common these days.
  • Craft- If you have the skills to make new things or have an interest in crafting. This can also be helpful for you. Selling your products online can give your products more recognition.
  • Teaching Online- This is also a good job for teens to do, and pay their bills.

 High Paying Jobs in the USA

Some of the high paying jobs in the USA are:

  • Senior Corporate Counsel - Median Salary is $175K. Major responsibilities are to negotiate, draft legal documents, etc.
  • Psychiatrist - Median Salary is $218K.
  • General Physicians - Median Salary is $220K

There are also many jobs in the USA for teens:

  •  Food Servers
  • Cashier
  • LifeGuard
  • Sales Associate
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • High School Tutor

These are some of the jobs that can help you pay off your bills alongside working towards your passion. It is a good choice to have one of these. Not only will it provide you with a source of income but also helps in improving or gaining skills. Following your passion is not a bad thing but you must be ready to face the consequences and having a side job gives you assurance. To find the job that you love is not impossible but yes it requires a lot of patience and hard work for sure.

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