Body Positivity As A Scapegoat

Geetika AnandJul 9 . 5 min read

We all are very conscious about how we look, our body shape, weight, color, and other such attributes. People in today's world want to look slim and have a zero-size figure. But is this right that every one of us is just running behind these things like perfect body size and what not? Let's get to know what is body positivity. Our society has some beauty standards like those who are fair are beautiful, the same goes for body types and other such standards. Body positivity is an assertion that everyone is beautiful, and reflects that everyone should accept and be happy with their physical appearance. It does not matter what body type, skin color, or gender you are from, you look beautiful. It's the social media that has set all these standards regarding skinny and muscular, fair or dark. The body positivity movement promotes that people must accept themselves with whatever body type, skin color they have. Also, it helps in gaining confidence and have healthy relations.

History Of Body Positivity

The Body Positivity movement started in the late 1960s. The National Association of Advance Fat Acceptable was established in the year 1969 and it continues to work on how people perceive weight. The word "Body Positivity" came into existence in 1996 when a psychotherapist and a person who was seeking treatment for an eating disorder developed a website This website provides educational material for helping people feel happy and confident about their bodies. But, the Body Positivity movement gained popularity in the year 2012 and the main aim was to contradict the unrealistic feminine standards. Recently this movement has shifted from acceptance of body weight to all bodies are beautiful and perfect in their way.

Everyone has their perception of Body Positivity Movement, depending on what question you put up. Body positivity not only means accepting your body, it even means enjoying your body, looks, flaws and not cursing yourself on why do I look so, why do I have this scar, and all such points. Just enjoy yourself and embrace yourself with open arms.

Social media like Instagram or Facebook are the main game-changer through which body positivity got fame as it was originally meant for helping those with some disability or genetic disorder or an accident survivor so that they do not feel insecure because of their appearance. Various magazines and posters also follow this trend of body positivity by not only focusing on skinny and fair models instead they also keep in mind that all bodies are beautiful.

Body Positivity As A Scapegoat

Many people take body positivity as a positive term but some find it as a scapegoat. Scapegoat is when someone has to suffer in someone else's place or has to suffer the blame of the other person on himself. We all like the idea of not taking the blame and putting it on something else. Nowadays we see various advertisements on how easy it is to reduce weight by just sitting on our couch, but once think if it is so easy to reduce weight then why is our young generation suffering from obesity? All these companies who say "Take this weight loss pill and you will lose 10 kg in 1 week" or "Wear this seat belt and you can move around and lose weight without any exercise" are all just scapegoating you. These pills and sweat belts cannot work on reducing the problem of obesity instead it is making it appear as if it is an easy way to lose weight.

Also, many of us think that cutting down on sugar or carbs will help us lose weight. But this is not so. Taking a healthy diet and doing exercise will only help in losing weight. We also have an overlook that being obese is nothing, it's just a smart word that puts so much pressure that you must lose weight if you are obese, but being obese is unhealthy and comes with various health problems.

With the term body positivity, people think that they can do whatever comes to their minds to feel positive about their bodies. As people look that skinny and fit people are beautiful and are leading a happy life, they start to reduce their meals, do rigorous exercise and start to eat less just to feel positive about their body.

According to WHO, 340 million people under the age group of 5 years were under the category of obese in 2020. These statistics are increasing every year and we all need to find a solution to this increasing problem.

It's not that body positivity is a bad term instead it is a very necessary trend and must be followed and we must respect it. But, also think twice before using it as a scapegoat. Do not get insecure about the term body positivity rather feel confident in yourself and love yourself more.

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