Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques

Archi DubeyJun 18 . 3 min read

First of all, I have a question for you guys: Are Nervousness and Anxiety the same thing?

Please let me know your answers in the comment section.

According to medical research, "Nervousness is a common symptom of anxiety disorder. So, they are not the same thing, Anxiety is a psychiatric disorder that is long-lasting and uncontrollable without treatment."

~ What is Anxiety? :- Anxiety Disorders are psychiatric disorder that develops from several complex factors including genetics, brain chemistry, and life events. It has a physical component.

Because of physical illness, anxiety disorder increases your risk of developing the illness. Various stress which may be associated with anxiety can also compromise your immune system.

Nervousness is a natural reason for a stressful situation. It's temporary once the stress is passed. so, it can be controlled, when you are more prone to nervousness.

& yes "If you have stress you will get nervous eventually."

Here are some points to get well known about Nervoussness the symptom of anxiety-

1- How it affects:- Long-lasting anxiety and panic attacks can affect your brain to get stressed and it also increases the rate of the symptom as headaches and depression.

2- Anxiety leads to loss of opportunity:- Sometimes Anxiety leads to loose all the opportunities because of stress and fear.

3- Nervousness & reasons:- Reasons may be due to some incident that has shaken your morale, due to overthinking, due to some illness. & 'it's ok to feel the feels.'

4- Overcoming:- For overcoming stress and nervousness train yourself and train your mind for better management of anxiety. Keep good habits in your schedule and keep doing best in which you are the best.

5- A Planned day open to challenges:- Plan your work before doing it can help you to accept the challenges to fight with yourself & to give your best.

Every coin has two sides, sometimes this anxiety also helps people just by giving a sense of accomplishment, feeling to lose make them punctual, they get prepared beforehand for all situation, as they are great overthinker they can become a writer too, life always gives chances, it's about us how to use that.

So, these are some benefits also of anxiety and nervousness which helps to do a particular tough & terrifying task and release the happy chemical in the body.

Some points to cope up with nervousness are-

  • Learn how to relax
  • Feel Nature
  • Interact with peoples
  • Get enough sleep & yoga
  • Train your mind to see good things and to see good in everything
  • Balance work and entertainment
  • Eat healthily and try to avoid alcohols
  • & yes, one of my favorites, have pets.

These points also help in overcoming mental illness.

With the world running behind like everything to chase the time, people are in fear of losing, causing their mental health affected.

Anxiety is an emotion that shows the feeling of tension, worry, thoughts & in reflection harming physical health.

Having stress due to the atmosphere a person is living in or sometimes due to genetics. This result creates a nervousness feeling which is majorly due to stress. Nervousness is just a symptom that comes under anxiety because earlier we discussed anxiety comes due to stress thus, both have a direct relationship. Keep your body and mind healthy by staying at home.

Keep your mind fresh & believe in yourself that "You can, you will, and we"'ll help."


CONCLUSION:- Anxiety is long-lasting nervousness is a by-product of stress and always consult & stay with close one to get free of these issues.

The best way to understand Anxiety is: "Don't be afraid to ask for help."

So, Ready to end Anxiety?

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