Arrange Marriage or Love Marriage which is better?

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Arrange Marriage vs Love Marriage which is better?

Marriage is a very pure and lovely relationship between two individuals who have committed to one other for an extended period. The relationship will only succeed if both the people are committed and honest in the relationship, regardless of whether the marriage is love or arranged. Because marriage is a significant responsibility, two people must respect, care for, and understand each other, as well as their families. As a result, life partners must be chosen solely by the person who intends to marry, rather than parental or social pressure.

Love vs arrange marriage:

The debate on love marriage vs arrange marriage will never end. However, both arranged marriage and love marriage have advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the individual to choose which way they prefer because marriage is a lifelong commitment. As a result, the choice of a lifemate should be left solely to the discretion of the individual.

  • In love marriages, people choose their partners based on their personal preferences. People meet their soul mate in colleges, schools, workplaces, or even dating apps and then married. Any marriage is built on the foundations of love and trust, and in a love marriage, two people are already in love. In arranged marriages, on the other hand, the family chooses the couple's partners rather than the pair themselves. The couple met two or three times before deciding to marry. Many people choose professional matchmaking sites such as Bharat Matrimony and Jeevan Sathi.
  •  In love marriages, the pair was highly familiar and most likely already understood each other completely. As a result, there will be few disagreements. They have a good understanding of each other and know what each other enjoys. Whereas Arranged marriage requires marrying someone we don't know, which is often frowned upon by this generation. The couple must then adjust in the marriage, and there is always the potential that one mate will dislike the other.
  • In a love marriage, both people accept responsibility for their decisions, and future blame will fall on both of them and no one else, and that's why this type of marriage needs more effort and time than an arranged marriage. Whereas arrange marriage usually involves two families that have known each other for a long time and are pretty compatible. Because there are more than two persons in an arranged marriage, disagreements and misunderstandings are easily and quickly settled.

Love marriage or arrange marriage prediction:

Based on our date of birth, love marriage or arrange marriage prediction can easily be made using astrology and numerology. And it can also predict by checking our horoscope for the position of Venus. If it falls in the 3rd, 10th, 11th, or ascendant houses, it indicates that we will have an arranged marriage, and there are many more methodologies like this. Essentially, this practice was used a long time ago, and while today's generation does not trust these forecasts, family members continue to try this. And our love and marriage specialist uses his numerology skills to provide precise predictions based on the date of birth numbers. Thanks to a correct marriage-related forecast, many people have been able to gain clarity about their marriage and married life in the future.

There are certain more assumptions or forecasts regarding arranged and love marriages as well.

  • This misconception is that well-planned love lives result in happy families that only arise through love marriage, which is a myth. Both arranged and love marriages create happy families; it all depends on the pair. In the view of love marriage vs arrange marriage, we cannot deny the fact that marrying someone we know is preferable to marrying someone we have never met.
  •  It is always preferable in India that Indian parents should choose partners since they have the freedom to choose their son-in-law or daughter-in-law. Even in today's world, arranged weddings are the best option. 

Love marriage or arrange marriage astrology:

Relationship astrology is used to investigate the nature of a relationship. The birth chart might show whether the person will have an arranged marriage or a love marriage. For civilizations that do not have planned weddings, the contrast between love and arranged marriage appears unimportant. In the Western setting, the terms love vs arrange marriage might be construed differently. The chart could reveal whether the person will fall in love and marry the person they want or settle for less.

 Love marriage or arrange marriage astrology is merely a guess because no one can change their destiny when it comes to love marriage vs arrange marriage,. Dashas, Love and Marriage Houses, Guru Chandal Yog, Mars and Venus, and many other components of astrology were reviewed for astrology.

How to know love marriage or arrange marriage? Which one is better for you?

There is no way to tell for sure whether you will fall in love or plan a marriage that is authenticated or assured. However, specific essential methods are not 100% accurate about love marriage vs arrange marriage but provide you with an opinion, such as looking at hands and looking at many signs. We examine the lines as well as the curvature of the fingers and mounts. The heart line is the first to notice, followed by the union lines, finger lengths, fingerprints, mounts, and palm markings.

What is love cum arrange marriage?

Aside from the debate on love marriage vs arrange marriage, there's also love cum arrange marriage. In this, love marriage was quickly changed to an arranged marriage with the consent and blessing of the parents. Parents can easily agree to their children's choices in this situation. 

Group discussion on love marriage and arrange marriage:

If we have a group discussion on love marriage and arrange marriage, we will never conclude that we must choose between the two because this is a discussion topic. Even after debating love marriage vs arrange marriage, we will not achieve anything because it solely depends on the individual.

Some facts about LOVE MARRIAGE:

1. Partners are compatible enough to understand each other's professional, personal, and other demands.

2. When cast difficulties arise in love marriage, the pair must learn to communicate with their parents. It can lead to many problems, such as the pair having to end their relationship, and it can also lead to the parents readily accepting the relationship. As a result, love marriages must battle and fight for their partners.

3. In some parts of India, love marriages are still not respected. That is why honour killings continue to take place. As a result, some people may be hesitant to enter into a love marriage. However, in today's world, people are overcoming this mindset and attempting to comprehend that love and arranged marriages are worthy of family respect and love.

4. The most outrageous social sin, dowry, may be readily removed in love marriages because they have already settled everything before getting married.

Some facts about ARRANGED MARRIAGE:

1. An arranged marriage does not necessitate any additional effort because the parents have already decided on it. And there is no caste issue because arranged marriage is typically favoured within their community.

2. In arrange marriage, there is excitement because both people get to know each other after tying the wedding, allowing the pair to grasp and appreciate each other's thoughts and emotions slowly.

3. Arranged marriages lead to social ills such as dowry. However, as more people strive to change their beliefs, this rite is dwindling.

4. There is a chance that the partners may not fall in love and that one or both of them will have an extramarital affair.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage because all marriages are fraught with worries and doubts. Whether it's a love marriage vs arrange marriage; both require a solid foundation of understanding between the two mates regarding communication. It's difficult to tell whether a love marriage is preferable to an arranged marriage because both have advantages and disadvantages.

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