How To Make The Resume Job Ready

Vanshika MahajanJul 17 . 5 min read

To make the resume job-ready

Applying or seeking a job, they ask you to upload a resume :( (But why)

A resume is the best tool for the overall description of your skills, hobbies, education, etc., in short, it provides a full description of your professional history. The main goal of the resume is to impress the interviewer, to have his/her attention in one look at your document. A Good Resume is the first part of your application any hiring manager will see. Your resume should provide an absorbable overview of your relevant skills, educational background, and achievements. With this information, they will decide whether or not they want to interview or hire you.

What to Write on the resume

The most frequently asked question is what to write on the resume. Mainly it depends upon the job you are applying for. Different jobs need different qualifications and it depends on your professional background. But the basic things to include on the resume are:

  • Contact Details- So that the interviewer can be in contact with you.
  • Career Objective/ Resume profile- It is a short description or a summary of your proudest accomplishments, qualifications, or your key skills. This tops your resume.
  • Education- This includes your school names, your degrees, your scores, your relevant coursework.
  • Skills- This is an “eye-catcher” of your resume. You can brag about what you know, your key skills. Be clear to provide a good mixture of your soft and hard skills, so that it can indicate you are a well-rounded candidate for the process.
  • Experience- This section highlights your working experience. Include the company name, your position in that company, your relevant work, and responsibilities, etc.

But, for freshers out there who do not have any work experience, it’s OK not to have this section. Instead, you can add a section about your work or projects on which you have your hands on. You can write about the projects you worked on, talk about the training you got in college or in the HighSchool.

You can add many more sections to your resume to make it look excellent. You can talk about your-

  • Certifications- You can add this section and talk about the certificates you got.
  • Internships- Which internships you got and what were the skills you were able to put up.
  • Hobbies- Except studies what hobbies you have, It can include like-playing cricket(or some other sport), reading storybooks, cooking, etc.
  • Activities- In this you can write about what activities you participated in during your school or college time.

Now, we know what to add to our resume, but the question arises how many pages?

  • Most of the professional resumes are single-paged. Now, to ask why it should be single-paged only...

Some of the reasons are:

  • Recruiters have a short attention span. They usually take 15 to 20 seconds to look at your resume. In this case, if you have long resumes, your chance of getting interviewed is reduced. So, single-paged resumes are easier to read and not so time-consuming.
  • In order to get single-page resumes, you only have to jot down meaningful points or information about yourself.
  • When you write more the chances of making mistakes increase. So, writing less and relevant makes your resume impressive and error-free.
  • The job target keywords are easily observable.
  • It makes you look well-organized.
  • It makes the recruiter believe that you are only showing your important qualifications and most relevant skills that are needed for the particular job.

Having an excellent resume is an essential part of getting a job. Making your resume to be one of a kind is must. It is like a marketing tool that you utilize to get hired by a company. So just like a product, you only have to focus on your key skills and qualities so that they can gain confidence in you.

There are many sites out there for you which help in Resume Building for free:

These are some of the places where one can build their single-paged resume and there are many more. In these, choose a template of your choice, just type in your information and get a preview of your resume and it’s ready to be uploaded.

Below, is an example of a resume:

 Proofread your resume and make it high-quality. Remember, that an outstanding resume increases the chance of getting you hired and can make you the “king of the hill”.

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