10 Best Tips To Cope Up With Separation And Divorce

Priya MondalJul 29 . 6 min read

Doesn't matter you are a working woman or a housewife dealing with divorce is difficult for each of us As you go through emotional turbulence. Separation is a hard pill to swallow but eventually, you have to accept that things didn't work out and you should not blame yourself for this.

Accept whatever you are feeling and try to move on. It can be the toughest thing to separate from a person you thought you will spend your life with. To cope up with such distress you will need your loved ones by your side. Don't forget healing is a slow and important process.

Dealing with stress and different emotions

The different emotions you will experience at the time of separation will affect your mental pressure and physical health.

Though it's known that everyone has a different reaction to everything but we will discuss the most common ones that one is bound to experience.

• Rejection - you will feel a sense of rejection every time you think about that. It will take time to accept things and you need to give that time to yourself. You begin to lose hope, everything seems to end. sometimes questions like" you should not have done this "? might pop up in your heads but don't forget that you did it for a reason. 

• Anxious - you may feel crazy sometimes and it's hard o control your emotions that is why it is very important to go through these phases feel hopelessness and pain so that you come out stronger.

• False hope - This will trouble you a lot you still have a hope that things might get better. you will often deny seeing your ex-spouse reality. Ignoring the fact that it's an end now.

• Embrace - Life might look tough now but there will be a day when you are free from this negativity that finally you have cut off this toxic relationship and moved on embracing the change and accepting life the way it is.

It's very crucial to find out whether you should break such a relationship or you can give it a second chance. Divorce is a big thing and sometimes a relationship is just doesn't work out because of poor

communication issues.

You must visit for couple counseling and try to maintain the relationship if possible.

Couples therapy sometimes can save you the relationship and help you start fresh.

It helps in improving relationships married or unmarried.

Studies have shown that couples therapy is effective and reduces the chances of divorce.

This is conducted by some relationship experts where the couple is interviewed mainly questions asked about their ongoing relationship. It helps the couple to find the actual issues focusing on making them better. To know more about how couple therapy works read: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.ourrelationship.com/what-to-expect-in-couples-therapy-what-actually-happens-in-couples-counseling-2/&ved=2ahUKEwj8_OiftIjyAhX7yDgGHSsdC7MQFjAMegQIDRAC&usg=AOvVaw04NBmkW_-8_quF0FZRhHb6&cshid=1627566198360

Divorce problems

There are some common problems faced by every couple at the time of divorce or after separation.

• Communication gap

This is the most common problem. communication is that the key to a healthy relationship. If you fail to communicate with your partner about good and bad things it creates trust issues between the couples.

• Abuse

This is not surprising abuse in marriages is very common. It's not always physical

Humiliation and insults also count in abusive marriages.

• Unhappy marriage

If your married life doesn't make you a better person. you don't have that spark in the relationship you are unhappy and stressed then it's better to work out from that.

• Lack of equality and trust

If any of the people feel superior in a relationship there will be an imbalance in the bond. Both need to understand that both of them complete each other.

This generation's biggest issue is insecurities. One should not be over-possessive in a relationship that will create as you will have a constant fear that your partner will leave so trust is a very important factor.

• Not a happily ever after marriage

Marrying at the wrong age can cause divorce. At first, you date someone you tend to ignore the imperfections and end up marrying at a very early age, and later it's tough for you to cope up with your spouse's habits which leads to disagreements and arguments.

You can nurture the relationship having with your partner by giving time and effort.

To sustain anything in this world where you have so many options requires patience too.

Ways you can solve divorce problems or avoid them.

• commitment

Try to commit to your partner. Voice your thoughts that how much they mean to you. once you are into a certain relationship you should have a sense of responsibility.

• Respect

After so many years of closeness also you should never disrespect your partner. It's how you treat your partner not only in front of anyone but when you both are only present. From valuing each other opinions to supporting them in times of need.

• Giving each other space

Every person needs their 'ME' time to figure out things or make time for other important things which are demanding their attention.

• vocalize your expectations

Sharing what you want in a relationship is always a great idea. Talk about your likes and dislikes. If you don't like something then communicate. Listen to them carefully so that you keep things in mind and don't mess it up.

• Accepting each other

It happens that once you get to know a person fully you kind of don't like them.

But this should not happen in a relationship. You have to see them as they are not how you want them to be. Try to accept their flaws as well. 

Tips to deal with divorce

Walking away from marriage life is always hard for people. How to prevent heartbreak and thousand of emotions and cope up with divorce and separation.

Moreover dealing with it alone is a lot more painful but you have to move on and heal from this and make a better life for yourself.

• Presence of loved ones

Your loved ones make it easy for you. At this time you need someone by your side who gonna give validation that you are valuable.

• Pamper yourself

Almost everyone will suggest you pamper yourself because you need. You have to be positive and look out for yourself.

Eat well, sleep, meditate and do all the things you love doing.

• Have faith

Just because your life has been shattered don't take it too personally. Known that it was required and whatever God has done it's for your betterment so don't lose faith and hope.

• Finance

This can be a major difficulty you will face after divorce if you are not the one earning and if your spouse backs off from giving alumni. Don't panic knowing your legal rights and ask for help from your loved ones and rely on them until it is solved.

• Consider your feelings

It's normal to feel such strong emotions sometimes you will feel free and joyful and sometimes anxious. Don't ignore what you are feeling, feel it deeply let things fall into place naturally.

• Listen to your favourite playlist

Music has healing power. It can make you a calm person. Just relax and listen. It will also uplift your mood.

We hope these tips mentioned above will help you cope up with the loss.

Going through such a difficult phase will require strength so, make yourself strong and you can get through this.

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